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Data Management Solutions 

The Future of
Informatics is Here  

Our Data Management Solutions software (formerly BSSN™ Software) structures your analytical chemistry and biological data for greater lab standardization and interoperability. 

We make standardization and interoperability in the lab easier by providing end users and instrument vendors with best-of-breed tools and services that let them use and share scientific data efficiently, paving the way for the Lab of the Future.

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Our vendor-neutral lab data management platform makes manual processing that involves paper or partial digitalization obsolete, simplifying data storage and data access. Integrating your instruments with leading scientific data management systems (SDMS) like LIMS or ELN is much easier, and so is exchanging data freely with internal colleagues or external partners. 

Our products, applications and services can help you... 

Convert proprietary instrument data into the open data standard AnIML

Stay instrument vendor agnostic, enabling flexibility & straightforward data integration (LIMS, ELN, SAP)

Practice FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles

Increase productivity across all your laboratory processes

The next evolution
in scientific data

Tomorrow’s great breakthroughs will come from deep,
dynamic pools of reliable data that flow across instruments,
interfaces and institutions. Our expert laboratory automation
software helps our scientific customers and partners collaboratively drive
scientific insight and transform data into intelligence.

Data Integrity

Capture & Convert

  • AnIML converters for 300+ instruments and data formats—Thermo Fisher Scientific Chromeleon™ 7, Waters Empower™ 3, Metrohm tiamo™ and more
  • Bring analytical and biological data into one common format 
  • Many data formats available—including proprietary ones—for a wide range of scientific instruments, including AnIML, mzData, ANDI / netCDF, Thermo SPC, JCAMP-DX, Thermo GAML, mzML


  • Provide instrument data to LIMS, ELN, LES or SAP for consumption
  • Uni- and bi-directional interfaces for communication and data integration 
  • Enrich AnIML files with data from—and orchestrate instruments from—ELN, LIMS and ERP

Data Management


  • A data lake is home to all laboratory data and to metadata-driven navigation and queries
  • Storage (cloud or on-premise) for analytical and biological source data, processed data and metadata  

Visualize & Process

  • Technology-neutral visualization and processing of converted data and metadata
  • Transparently review your data any place, any time
  • Windows, Mac, HTML


Data Retention

  • A data lake is home to all laboratory data and to metadata-driven long-term retention of GxP data and relevant queries
  • Storage of data over a long period of time in an accessible and human-readable format



  • Share lab data and work closely with internal and external partners (CRO, CDMO)

Consume & Analyze

  • Reuse laboratory data for predictive analytics, statistics, data mining, and AI & ML
  • Enhance data intelligence and secondary use of data


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