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of Your Lab Data

BSSN™ Software brings together all your chemical and biological data in a unified, open ecosystem.

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How BSSN™ software works

The Next Evolution
of Scientific Data

Tomorrow’s great breakthroughs will come from deep, dynamic pools of data that flow across instruments, interfaces, and institutions. BSSN™ Software provides our scientific customers and partners with expert lab solutions for driving collaborative insights and transforming data into intelligence.


Collect, connect, and convert all your instrument data to open, standardized formats for efficient use and re-use.


Structure and store your laboratory information in the context of projects and experiments for easy, intuitive access.


View your results across techniques and formats with high-fidelity, human-readable data processing to accelerate insights.


Share and collaborate with your partners—and across platforms—with vendor-agnostic technologies designed to break down data silos.

Our Products

Empowering Data Intelligence

The more accessible we make our data, the more it will be used. That’s why we’ve developed a series of intelligent, interoperable tools that open up data silos and enable enterprise-grade digital transformation in pharma and biotech.


Seamlessly access and analyze all your biological and analytical data in one screen—for desktop, mobile, and the web.


Securely store, retrieve, and review all your laboratory data and metadata in a structured, richly contextualized data lake.

CRO Manager

Streamline CRO interactions and increase your return on investment with a state-of-the-art process management system.

Bioprocess Manager

Effectively plan, execute, and analyze bioprocess development on a sophisticated, data-driven software solution.

AnIML Data Management

Discover why a universal data standard is needed to support lab automation, data interchange, and long-term storage.

Converters & Connectivity

Explore our growing list of supported data formats and instrument converters.

Software Integrations

Accelerate data analysis and interpretation by combining instruments and leading systems into a unified interface.

Measurement Techniques

BSSN™ Software is compatible with many common chemical and biological measurement and process techniques.

Our Capabilities

From AnIML to AI & ML

Bring together data sets from different devices, departments, and software programs. BSSN™ Software equips the scientific and vendor communities with a best-in-class technology platform for holistic data integration and analysis to help fast-track discovery.

Our Services

Big Data with a Little Help

From research institutions just beginning their digital transformation to advanced instrument manufacturers seeking to upgrade their user experience, we are here to offer our expertise and partnership to help you reach your goals.

Lab Services & Consulting

Connect with our industry- leading informatics experts to develop a personalized data management plan for your laboratory.

OEM Services & Partnerships

Partner with BSSN™ Software to deliver best-in-class software and instrument integrations for your customers.

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