BSSN™ Workbench

Universal Data


Seamlessly access and analyze all your biological and chemical data in one screen—for desktop, mobile, and the web.

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Unify Your Instrument Data

Integrate all your scientific data into a single interface for visualizing and processing—regardless of technique and independent of the instrument software.

Simplify Data Standardization

Add interpretations, assign peaks, or highlight important results in a workflow-driven platform that allows you to drill down to any level of detail in your data.

Get the Whole Picture

Capture, convert, and collaborate on your data throughout the pharmaceutical pipeline—from discovery to clinical—with standardized, interoperable digital tools.

Anywhere, Anytime Access


Combine multiple analytical and process techniques in one screen with BSSN™ Software’s vast library of data converters and instrument connectors for PC and Mac.


A touch-optimized viewer lets you interface with your existing data repositories and interpret data formats on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Easily share data within your organization and with external collaborators in a centralized manner without installing any browser plugins or extending your IT footprint.

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BSSN™ Workbench Features

Intuitive User Interface

Visualize and validate your data effortlessly with award-winning software that converts your files into an interactive, human-readable format.

Ready to Grow with You

As your digital strategy evolves, so will we. Our products are built on an open platform that easily connect to third-party plugins.

Instrument Integration & Support

Seamlessly capture and store raw instrument data and compare results from different devices and techniques—all without the original vendor software.

Optimized for Big Data

Dynamic Document Streaming technology lets you work with large data sets instantly—no matter if it’s stored locally or in a remote repository.

ELN, LIMS & SDMS Configuration

Streamline your existing technology infrastructure with our unique workflow-driven tools that let you graphically map and connect your data output.

AnIML-first Implementation

BSSN™ Workbench is the first scientific tool to fully support the AnIML data standard, which makes accessing, analyzing and archiving your data a snap.

“BSSN™ Software stands apart from its competitors as its Scientific Workbench is the first full commercial-grade AnIML implementation, enabling users to bring together their data from different instruments and measurement techniques in a single place.”

>> Frost & Sullivan Award

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