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Advanced Data visualization


Workbench is a vendor-neutral software suite that captures, analyzes and shares all your biological and chemical data on one screen. Based on the emerging ASTM standard AnIML, this powerful tool for advanced data visualization consolidates raw and results data from multiple experimental techniques in a single tool and renders them as first-class graphical representations.

With Workbench, scientists can accurately capture and review experimental data in unprecedented depth, no matter which or how many instruments or measurement techniques they used.

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Unify Your
Instrument Data

Integrate all your scientific data into a single interface for visualizing and processing—regardless of technique and independent of instrument software.

Simplify Data

Add interpretations, assign peaks or highlight important results on a workflow-driven platform that lets you drill down to any level of detail in your data.

Get the Whole

Capture, convert and collaborate on your data throughout the pharmaceutical pipeline—from discovery to clinical—with standardized, interoperable digital tools.

Workbench Features

Anywhere, Anytime Access

“...Workbench is the first full commercial-grade AnIML implementation, enabling users to bring together their data from different instruments and measurement techniques in a single place.”

Frost & Sullivan Award

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