BSSN™ SciDiver

Seamless Scientific


Dive into your laboratory data with anyone, anywhere, on any device

Store Instrument Data in the Cloud

Combine all your analytical and biological data in a secure cloud environment that reduces your dependency on maintaining local devices and expensive on-premise SDMS.

Share Your Results Effortlessly

Collaborate with internal colleagues and external partners, prepare files for publication, and embed data as widgets in LIMS, ELN, and other applications.

Visualize Data Across Techniques

Interact with high-quality renderings and data visualizations at a level of fidelity that is unprecedented on the web, regardless of measurement technique.


Connect Your

Automatically capture data from more than 250 popular instrument models or integrate with our growing library of rich APIs and 3rd party plugins to extend data flow with your own systems.

Your Data

Bring together your various data inputs into an open, standardized format for easier analysis and processing. We support a variety of open, semi-open, and vendor data formats.

and Share

Collaborate across organizational boundaries with fine-grained access controls and data sharing features within SciDiver’s detailed, interactive visualizer tool.

BSSN™ SciDiver Features

Effortless Implementation

Whether you’re a small lab with limited IT capabilities, or an enterprise requiring fully managed services, we make it easy to deploy SciDiver.

Intuitive Data Interpretation

While traditional SDMS just understand files and folders, SciDiver understands analytical data and process techniques.

Highly Collaborative

Break out of data silos and share data independent of instrument software for research consortia, publishers, material suppliers, and more.

Digitally Manage Permissions

Control who you want to see your data and how you want them to interact with it thanks to secure settings for user roles and permissions.

Sophisticated Metadata Navigation

Assign and cross-link contextual metadata attributes—such as project number, batch, or cost center—to make greater sense of your data sets

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Organize and interact with your raw data and results with instinctive, web-based interactions and a clean, uncluttered design.

“BSSN™ Software’s flexibility frees customers to leverage raw instrument data files from many vendors transparently in their workflow from a single place without requiring the original instrument software.”

>> Frost & Sullivan Award

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