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Holistic data



Securely store, retrieve and review all your analytical and biological data in a structured, richly contextualized data lake using interactive data visualization.

Hub is specifically designed to support the FAIR data/metadata principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability. This guiding philosophy ensures that your scientific data are optimized for innovation as well as regulation.

All Your Lab Data,
in Context

Bring your lab’s instrument data, metadata and more together in one shared space. Seamlessly search and navigate contextual scientific information when and where you need it.

Access Insights

Visualize and interact with results across multiple measurement techniques with an intuitive software platform that doesn’t simply store files—it understands your data.

Enable Intelligent

Retain and reuse laboratory data for predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and more on a secure, massively scalable system.

Hub Features

Sophisticated Metadata

Assign and cross-link contextual metadata attributes—such as project number, batch number or cost center—to make greater sense of your data sets.

Technology Stack

Start with a small deployment and grow it into a global multi-site system with Hub’s modern and massively scalable IT infrastructure.

Presentation Interface

Process and interact with a vast array of scientific data sets and techniques, including bioreactors, chromatography, mass spectrometry and more via state-of-the-art data displays.

Tailored for GxP

Our microservice architecture lends itself to a modular validation strategy, meaning you can isolate upgrades for low revalidation impact.

Vendor-independent Data

Analyze your data separately from the original instrument software or binary file to make your analysis methods portable across devices.

“[This] lightweight laboratory data repository [was built] on a modern and scalable technology stack, inspired by cloud and big data architectures, allowing scalability to move from a small deployment and grow to a global multi-site system. [Hub] represents a unique combination of scalable file storage and a comprehensive data repository, and it presents a more sustainable approach than traditional scientific data management systems (SDMS).”

Frost & Sullivan Award

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