BSSN™ Contract Research Manager

Comprehensive Research


Streamline CRO interactions and increase your return on investment with a state-of-the-art process management system.

Get Your Outsourcing Organized

Manage quality control and approval workflows on both the CRO and customer side with our secure, vendor-independent data review and analysis platform.

Pinpoint Bottlenecks and Breakthroughs

Customizable dashboards and alerts keep everyone in the loop on how projects are progressing, with the option to drill down to the experiment data.

Maintain Your Data Quality

Manage work orders and automate the transfer of results from the CRO to sponsor using flexible, open data standards that make traceability easy and efficient.

BSSN™ Contract Research Manager Features

Work Orders

Talk in Context

Status Tracking

POs & Billing

Chemical Structures

SLA Management

Instrument Data

Audit Trailing

“While CRO arrangements are usually cost-effective, integration and transparency can present challenges that dilute investment returns. [BSSN™ Contract Research Manager] holistically addresses these issues, enabling organizations to reap the optimal CRO and contract research laboratory services’ key benefits.”

>> Frost & Sullivan Award

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