BSSN™ Bioprocess Manager

Next Generation


Effectively plan, execute, and analyze bioprocess development workflows on a sophisticated, data-driven software solution.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Get to a solid process faster with deep, real-time instrument integration and batch-derived metadata that makes your data available for instant analysis.

Enhance Process Understanding

Bring together online, at-line, and offline data in one file with powerful visualization features that make comparing batches and discovering correlations a snap.

Orchestrate Continuous Workflows

Facilitate better collaboration between upstream and downstream process development with live data dashboards and built-in analytical requests and sample tracking.

“By improving efficiency and turnaround time for bioprocess development, companies see a direct impact on their time-to-market and manufacturing yield of a product. Accessing live data for decision support allows quick reactions, conserving precious staff time, consumables, and instrument utilization.”

>> Frost & Sullivan Award

BSSN™ Bioprocess Manager Features

Real-time culture status dashboard

Instrument connectivity and monitoring

Upstream and downstream support

Quality-by-design paradigm

Analytical data and request tracking

Cloud-based SaaS

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