Overview: Digital Transformation Forum

At Analytica 2020, we were invited to participate in a number of virtual workshops to showcase how BSSN™ Software can interoperate with other technologies in the lab to deliver more efficient, automated processes.

This virtual workshop focuses on automating workflows and data transfer between Mettler Toledo balances, Düperthal safety cabinets, and our BSSN™ Hub software and AnIML data converters.. The video transcript is presented in full below.

Click to Connect: Mettler Toledo, Düperthal, and BSSN™ Software

I welcome you to the webinar on the “Click to Connect” workflow at the Digital Transformation Forum. My name is Andrea Unterkircher and I will introduce you in this short video to our developed workflow.

On the “Click to Connect” workstation, the companies Düperthal, Mettler Toledo, and BSSN™ Software [part of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany] will show you how checking the identity of a pharmaceutical active ingredient using process-spanning software can be traceably digitized and still remain simple.

Thanks to the cross-process software from BSSN™ Software, the laboratory staff is guided through the entire workflow and the data of all components involved in the process are automatically recorded and transmitted.

Thanks to the consistent use of the open data standard AnIML, BSSN™ Software automatically merges data from various laboratory devices from different manufacturers that are involved in the identity check of a pharmaceutical active ingredient.

A network-compatible safety cabinet from Düperthal delivers information about the consumption of the process-relevant media via integrated weighing cells equipped with sensors to the comprehensive BSSN™ Software in the AnIML data format.

In the meantime, the lab automation software guides the laboratory staff through the individual steps of sample preparation.

All data, such as the weight or the amount of solvent used, is automatically transferred from the balance to the laboratory software. This is followed by an analysis carried out by the software on the UV/VIS spectrophotometer, with which the user can finally characterize the sample. Finally, all data is re-entered and merged into the overarching software Sea Star Lab Information Hub [BSSN™ Hub].

The user-friendly navigation prevents the user from making mistakes while executing the individual process steps, but also during data acquisition and transmission. By integrating all data according to FAIR data principles, holistic data management can be achieved.

In addition, the stored data are structured for superordinate considerations, such as predictive analytics and data mining. This collaboration supports SmartLab and Laboratory 4.0 initiatives in a unique way.

Thank you for your attention. If you want to find out more, please contact us.