A Brief Explanation and FAQs

In June 2019, the life science business MilliporeSigma acquired the laboratory informatics company BSSN™ Software. The two companies have been working together since 2014, and MilliporeSigma’s acquisition of BSSN™ Software is a clear signal of our embrace of open and interoperable scientific data standards, as well as our commitment to invest deeply in developing innovative and best-in-class digital solutions for our customers.

For the past year and a half, we have been working tirelessly to merge our teams, talent, and technologies to ensure that we continue to deliver reliable, uninterrupted service to our valued BSSN™ Software customers and OEM partners around the globe. The fruits of this collaboration have also produced the first digital product jointly produced by MilliporeSigma and BSSN™ Software – SciDiver, a secure and collaborative cloud solution for organizing, harmonizing, and visualizing all your analytical and biological data.

As we introduce SciDiver to market, you may begin to notice changes to BSSN™ Software’s brand identity that will continue to evolve throughout 2021. We are rebranding BSSN™ Software to ensure that our product portfolio and market presence are visibly, boldly, and undeniably MilliporeSigma. MilliporeSigma is widely known as a vibrant science and technology company, and our new product brand structure and visual identity will set the tone for the future of our business – as an organization that is pioneering, imaginative, bold and unique, and which creates diverse and innovative experiences for our customers. Aside from these changes, nothing about the functionality, quality, or characteristics of our BSSN™ Software products will change.

MilliporeSigma’s acquisition of BSSN™ Software represents a huge opportunity for us to modernize, enhance, and scale up our core technology platforms in order to provide superior service to our customers, while also enabling us to reach a much wider audience thanks to MilliporeSigma’s global footprint. As this rebranding exercise gets underway, it’s important to note that we remain strongly committed to the AnIML and SiLA open data protocols, and that we adhere to strict privacy policies regarding the internal use and distribution of confidential information entrusted to us by our customers.

To learn more about our rebranding, please read the FAQs below or feel free to get in contact with us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the reason for the rebrand?

BSSN™ Software is now a part of MilliporeSigma, a vibrant science and technology company. Our distinctive branding and visual identity will ensure that you can immediately identify our products under one consistent branding structure. Since the acquisition of BSSN™ Software in 2019, we have made significant progress in integrating the two businesses and the rebrand marks the next step in the integration.

How will this impact current products?

Our BSSN™ Software solutions will remain the same, high-quality products you know and trust. Nothing about the functionality, reliability, or characteristics of our products will change – if anything, our new investments will enable us to provide a more stable, secure, and scalable informatics platform. In addition, our new UX team will eventually start introducing incremental improvements to our products’ user interfaces based on usability research and best practices. New look, same great tech!

Will the product names change?

Yes – after extensive market research and analysis, we have decided to simplify and standardize the BSSN™ Software product naming convention. Our goal is to reduce ambiguity in the market and to provide a more consistent naming structure that aligns better with MilliporeSigma’s overall brand strategy. Going forward, our product names will change as follows:

BSSN™ SciDiver, our native cloud informatics solution, is the first new product to be jointly developed by BSSN™ Software and MilliporeSigma.

Will product-related documentation currently branded as BSSN™ Software transition to MilliporeSigma branding?

Yes, all legacy BSSN™ Software product documentation will eventually use the MilliporeSigma Life Science brand or brand elements.

Do you expect this will be a sudden change, or will there be a period of time in which there is mixed BSSN™ Software and MilliporeSigma branding?

We are phasing the updates across all our products, so it will take some time for us to fully complete the brand transition. While elements of legacy BSSN™ Software branding may still be in circulation through 2021, we will have the necessary systems in place to ensure that all products and promotions going forward will reflect the new branding.

Our UI/UX team is working closely with product owners to implement visual updates to BSSN™ Software products according to roadmap priorities, with a clear emphasis on enhancing the overall usability, accessibility, and user experience.

Will you continue to support open standards for laboratory data?

MilliporeSigma is absolutely committed to the continued development and support of an open and interoperable ecosystem built on AnIML and SiLA for our customers and OEM partners. BSSN™ Software is a key player in this space, being the first company to deliver a complete solution of tools for vendor-neutral management of analytical and biological data based on AnIML, and we are actively partnering with organizations and instrument manufacturers seeking to implement this framework.

Will my data remain secure?

Maintaining the integrity and security of your data is of the utmost importance, and we will stay diligent in protecting your confidential data. Click here to review our privacy policy.

Will BSSN™ Software become MilliporeSigma’s internal IT service providers?

No – the product portfolio and technologies underpinning BSSN™ Software are intended first and foremost to enhance the utility of scientific data for our customers in the lab as well as our OEM partners. We believe in open, accessible data standards and it’s essential that the solutions we provide to the market play well with others. BSSN™ Software’s products and platform are modular, vendor-agnostic, and non-monolithic – we build technology that can be consumed in many different ways, and APIs are a central part of what we offer.

As part of our ethos to develop interoperable and reusable scientific software, the newly merged teams of MilliporeSigma and BSSN™ Software do intend to develop new solutions that can be applied and repurposed for novel use cases. However, MilliporeSigma – with its approximately 57,000 employees worldwide – already has a robust and established IT service team.

Will my primary sales account manager change as a result of the rebrand?

Nope, while they may have new business cards, all the same people you’ve worked with before will still be here to help in any way they can. You’ve probably already received a call from your BSSN™ Software representative, but you can always contact us if you have specific questions about your account.

Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?

For more information about the changes, please use this form to contact us.