Online, April 13-14, 2021

The Digital Lab Track: Advances in Data Science that Drive Innovation in the Lab

Start time: 08:35 CDT | 09:35 EDT | 14:35 BST | 15:35 CEST |

How FAIR Lab Data Can Expedite Your Drug Discovery AI Programs

Haydn Boehm, Head of Commercial Marketing, Connected Lab, Merck KGaA. Darmstadt, Germany

Unstructured scientific data is one of the biggest drains on productivity in the pharmaceutical industry today, at an estimated impact of €10 billion per year. In this talk we will explore the hidden costs that data silos and proprietary file formats have—from manual data-cleansing to compliance to enterprise-wide digital transformation. In addition, we will discuss why open data standards and technologies that adhere to the FAIR principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability are key enablers for innovations based on AI, ML, advanced analytics, and more.

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