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Accelerate data analysis and interpretation by combining instruments and leading systems into a unified interface.

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Our products are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of the most popular laboratory instruments and leading systems in the market. With BSSN™ Software, your internal teams and external partners can work in shared work environments that aren’t constrained by analytical techniques or proprietary file formats.

Benefits of Unified Data Ecosystem

Software Consolidation

Reduce the number of different systems your lab needs to navigate through reusable components and standardized data formats.

Vendor Independence

Our open, interoperable services are designed to be both technique- and device-agnostic, so you can focus on science instead of software.

ELN & LIMS Integration

Connect, convert, and extract raw instrument data and results into your existing laboratory data systems automatically.

Plug & Play Performance

With our growing library of open data converters and instrument integrations, you can significantly reduce the time to deploy a new solution.

Supported Instrument Software

BSSN™ Software has a robust library of APIs, widgets, and third-party plugins built for most major LIMS, SDMS, and ELNs, and we are adding new instrument connectors all the time. To check and see if we already have a solution that fits your lab software, or to request, a new instrument connection, please contact us today.

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