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Most modern laboratories work with a wide variety of instruments, measurement techniques, and collaborators. At BSSN™ Software, we believe you shouldn’t be tied to any one proprietary file format or stuck in an inaccessible data silo. That’s why we’ve developed a robust library of data converters and instrument software connectors designed to unlock and open up your data so you can work with it however you want.

Benefits of Open Scientific Data

Reduce Integration Costs

Using common formats and interfaces, like AnIML and SiLA, lowers the cost of accessing and using instrument data.

Simplify Data Portability

Standards like AnIML enable faster integrations with ELN, LIMS, and ERP systems by consolidating the number of interfaces required.

Increase Bidirectional Data Flow

Establishing an interactive communication interface with your instruments allows you to get a clear view of status, events, and errors.

Ensure Data Integrity

Open standards are ideal for archival purposes, by providing complete and traceable documentation of what each instrument did.

Data Converters & Supported Formats

These converters seamlessly integrate with all of our applications, allowing you to treat instrument data files just like AnIML data. This truly blurs the boundary between the previous vendor-specific data silos, so you can finally use and analyze your analytical data to the fullest.

Open Formats

At BSSN™ Software, we are great friends of open standard formats. In fact, we even helped build some of the ones below. If you have a choice, we recommend using AnIML—click here to learn more. In our experience, it’s the most versatile one.

Semi-Open Formats

The following formats are not public standards. However, Thermo has done a good job at publishing and documenting them, so we gladly support them.

Vendor Formats

Over the years, we have created data converters for instruments from many vendors. The list below is just a brief summary. Please contact us about your specific instrument model and software version, as formats may change over time.

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Analyze IQ
  • Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL
  • Biochrom
  • Bruker
  • Dionex
  • GE Healthcare
  • Implen
  • Nova Biomedical BioProfile
  • OceanOptics
  • OptoCell CuBiAn
  • PerkinElmer
  • Picodrop
  • Randox Labs
  • Roche Applied Science
  • Sartorius
  • StellarNet
  • Tecan
  • Thermo
  • Varian
  • Waters
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