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BioProcess Manager

Next-generation Bioprocess Workflow Software


Effectively plan, execute and analyze bioprocess development workflows on a sophisticated, data-driven software solution.


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This next-generation bioprocess development and execution platform manages upstream and downstream manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical science and other fields with associated analytics in a single system. Real-time instrument integration, live dashboards and strong analytical-data handling enable new levels of productivity.


BioProcess Manager supports research scientists in bioprocess labs, from cell banking to media preparation to upstream cell culture (fed-batch and perfusion) to downstream purification to quality control. Analytical data (in-process and external) are collected and stored in the context of each batch. Deep real-time instrument integration lets your scientists continuously monitor fermenters and purification systems. With BioProcess Manager’s dashboards, they can immediately assess culture health, project status and incoming results.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Solidify your drug development process faster with deep, real-time instrument integration and batch-derived metadata that make your data available for instant analysis.

Enhance Process Understanding

Bring online, at-line and offline data together in one file with powerful visualization features that make comparing batches and discovering correlations a snap.

Orchestrate Continuous Workflows

Ease collaboration between upstream and downstream bioprocess development with live data dashboards, built-in analytical requests and sample tracking.

Supporting a quality-by-design paradigm, the system aggregates analytical bioprocessing data to determine and fine-tune Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) and Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) in your production processes to support your organization’s process analytical technology (PAT) efforts.

By combining the powers of a metadata repository, a workflow engine, analytical data integration and data analysis tools, BioProcess Manager can help you generate new insights from your gene therapy, cell therapy, stem cell and other bioprocessing data.

“By improving efficiency and turnaround time for bioprocess development, companies see a direct impact on their time-to-market and manufacturing yield of a product. Accessing live data for decision support allows quick reactions, conserving precious staff time, consumables, and instrument utilization.”

Frost & Sullivan Award


BioProcess Manager FEATURES

Upstream process development
(fed-batch and continuous perfusion) 

Analytics (in-process and external, batch and run comparison) 

SCADA system integration 

Real-time culture status dashboard 

Integration with existing data systems (such as ELNs for IP protection, compound management, process control systems and CDSs) 

Downstream process development
(capture, purification/intermediate, polishing)  

Workflow management and analytical request tracking 

Instrument-independent and interdisciplinary data review 

Information sharing with internal and external collaborators 

Full support of the AnIML data standard

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a New Data Standard

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