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Depending on use case, electronic data records must be preserved for up to several decades to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Today, many labs archive their scientific data in PDF format for long-term retention. But PDF captures only a representative image of the data, not the actual raw numbers. This makes it difficult to reprocess, recalculate and reintegrate the data in these files.

AnIML ensures that the actual values are preserved in your archival system and that they stay readable and available for future reprocessing. You don’t have to retain the original instrument software any longer—instead, you can access any document in the archive using a single generic AnIML tool. This saves you significant costs in archive maintenance.

AnIML inherently stores experimental data in XML, ensuring that it’s structured and tightly constrained but still human readable. Even if the hardware and software you need to access your archived data are no longer available, you can still fully reconstruct any archived record. And the syntactic (XML) and semantic (technique) integrity of archived records can be verified using a validation tool to maintain data quality and archival integrity.

The urgent Need for
a New Data Standard

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